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How to make a child’s teepee

How to make a child’s teepee

274c8a87d5ae2e6f928f67c96f1e5c8e2000_ep27_3_diag1As you can tell from my posts I LOVE teepees for my kiddos to play in, read and dream.  Here is a simple how to make a teepee that you can do for your little one… 

Happy sewing my friends, happy sewing


How to make a ribbon belt

untitled (76)Making belts out of different widths of ribbon is an easy and quick  gift. Two lengths of 1 ½” ribbon (waist size plus 9”) Sew one end around 2 1-1/2″ D-Rings. Hem one end of the belt by folding it over twice approximately 1/2″ each time. Stitch across the hem to finish and you have it! You can even layer the ribbon to get different color combinations. Simple, quick and easy.

How to make a witch costume with RIT

untitled (77) Do you want to make your own Halloween costume this year???  I LOVE making (or adding to) my kids costumes for Halloween.  Using RIT  will make it easy, fun and affordable … Here is how…

Step By Step

  1. Did you know you could dye netting??? I did not but LOVE how it turned out! Different shades of purple make up the skirt…

  2. Heat up the dye bath on stove top to a boil… adding more dye and more water to get desired colors.

  3. The shades are a dream!!!! For skirt waist band I did my marble technique (see other How to of mine here)

  4. Dye a 100% cotton t-shirt with a lighter shade of purple (add water to dye to get desired color). Scrunch together and add rubber bands, soak in a dark dye bath. for 10 min

  5. dip dye in a stove top dye bath

  6. cut open the shirt, rinse and heat dry/ set in dryer.

  7. The netting is all around adorable!!!

  8. Add same fabric from waist band to a store bought witch hat.

DIY Hairband

What to do with a little girl and her hair in her face? Ella was so happy to help me make these easy hair bands for her and her cousins. They were made from scraps of fabric with a reverse side of a coordinating fabric. They simply tie at the base of the neck showing the 2 sides. I made them 40” long 2 ½” wide at the ends with the point being 4 ½” finished. If you are going to make these goodies, you will need to add ½” all around for seam allowances. Or if your little one is smaller maybe take away some inches.

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