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Retirement bash DIY style

We had an amazing weekend celebrating Al’s retirement.  His very talented wife , my dear friend Marie and I worked months pulling off all the details …  Along with RIT dye , reclaimed wood fun, paper from my favorite Paper Source and more it turned out great!!!  I hope you get inspired to make some DIY party décor for your next party!

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How to make dip dyed ruffled streamers

How to dip dye party streamers with RIT dye is not only fun, easy but super affordable too!   ruffledstreamer a7b493b02ac813251108fa084bedd1f6

I found bright white streamers at the 99 cent store but knew I wanted color for little Ella’s 12th birthday surprise party…. of course I just planed to dye them!  I honestly was a bit scared but it was so easy and cheep I went for it!!!


I put 50% water to50% RIT in a small plastic container and just set the white streamers directly in…  This made the stripes!  To do the solid colors I simply added to a larger container.


Let them air dry outside for several hours.  They started to “ruffle” on their own a bit…


Took 2 or 3 different ones and sewed down the edges to make the ruffled effect I pushed the streamers aggressively under the foot to gather for me…


IMG_9008 Partydetails

Surprise party was a huge hit.  She adored the handmade details …  Happy Happy Birthday Little Ella

DIY Baby Block Gift

untitled (46)

Making these letter blocks was a project I wanted to make for my daughter that is addicted to learning! What a fun addiction for me to watch because I enjoy so much seeing her grow. Reading and spelling is actually fun for her! I cannot wait to see her in kindergarten soaking it all up!  I took wood blocks l and painted them all with one coat with one color. Then another color on top of that when it was all dried. Sanding the edges to expose the under side color. Next apply letter stickers making sure there is several of the same letters on every block so the little one can make any word they can come up with.  The final step is to modge podge the entire block in order to get the shinny finish. Sit back and enjoy your little loved one playing and learning all at the same time

Old Crayons New Life—- Recycled fun!

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Recycling your old or broken crayons into new and fun shapes can make everyone’s HOT summer day a bit more exciting! Here is how to do it!

  1. Unwrap all broken crayons
  2. Place unwrapped crayons into a plastic zip lock bag
  3. Hammer the pieces into chunks (the kids loved this part)
  4. Place pieces into desired combinations into mini muffin tins (here you can get creative by using different shapes, imagine stars, animals, numbers, letters etc.).
  5. Bake at 150degrees for 10 min (I used a toaster oven. A larger oven may take more time to melt crayon pieces).
  6. Take out the melted crayons from tin after all is cooled. You can even throw the entire thing into the freezer and they will just pop right out!