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Headboard for Special Spaces

IMG_0840 IMG_0843 IMG_0847 IMG_0851 IMG_0857 IMG_0858 IMG_0862 IMG_0865 IMG_0864 IMG_0884 IMG_0889Our family was all in for the making of a headboard for a little guy with a medically fragile condition.  We made it together as a family and prayed for the comfort of this little guy as he gets a room makeover.  We donated a headboard that will fit his medical bed as well as a hinged piece to fit the access of the electrical outlets needed for everyday use.  We feel truly blessed to have gotten this call and were able to help!  We can’t wait to help again…

IMG_0868 IMG_0873


Retirement bash DIY style

We had an amazing weekend celebrating Al’s retirement.  His very talented wife , my dear friend Marie and I worked months pulling off all the details …  Along with RIT dye , reclaimed wood fun, paper from my favorite Paper Source and more it turned out great!!!  I hope you get inspired to make some DIY party décor for your next party!

IMG_0691 IMG_0729 IMG_0690 IMG_0717 IMG_0775 IMG_0725 IMG_0773 IMG_0709 IMG_0687

How to make dip dyed ruffled streamers

How to dip dye party streamers with RIT dye is not only fun, easy but super affordable too!   ruffledstreamer a7b493b02ac813251108fa084bedd1f6

I found bright white streamers at the 99 cent store but knew I wanted color for little Ella’s 12th birthday surprise party…. of course I just planed to dye them!  I honestly was a bit scared but it was so easy and cheep I went for it!!!


I put 50% water to50% RIT in a small plastic container and just set the white streamers directly in…  This made the stripes!  To do the solid colors I simply added to a larger container.


Let them air dry outside for several hours.  They started to “ruffle” on their own a bit…


Took 2 or 3 different ones and sewed down the edges to make the ruffled effect I pushed the streamers aggressively under the foot to gather for me…


IMG_9008 Partydetails

Surprise party was a huge hit.  She adored the handmade details …  Happy Happy Birthday Little Ella

How to Over dye a rug with RIT


Step By Step

  1. Goodwill find for $40.00

  2. Aquamarine heated up a large ball jar… thanks rit for that tip! I am addicted to using the ball jars… My husband is happy too, no more blue in our pots.

  3. Microwave 2 full jars of RIT with water for 3 min…

  4. add back to the bottle a bit at a time and spray (and spray and spray and spray and spray and spray and spray and spray and spray and spray and spray and spray and spray)

  5. My little helper LOVES how it is turning out.. Thanks Roxy!

  6. After using 12 bottles… yes 12 bottles…. I was done! Well almost…

  7. I used 2 bottles of fixative with water (heated up the same way, in a ball jar for 3 min)

  8. I just LOVE how the finished rug turned out… These are selling for thousands… This was very easy and very inexpensive to do…

  9. Before and after…

  10. Honestly??? Too much fun, thanks RIT!!!

How to make a remote control caddy with Michaels and RIT


Making your father’s day gift is easy and fun with Michael’s and RIT

Step By Step

  1. I picked up this raw, unfinished box from Michaels Crafts Store…. It was the perfect size and unique shape…

  2. I planed on using my favorite “Manly” Rit colors directly from the jar or bottle… *TIP* I store my unused rit in mason jars, easy to reheat and store with the extra water already mixed in!

  3. I “painted” on the rit in a zig zag pattern alternating the colors to get the effect I was looking for… it blended together with the grain of the wood perfectly!!!

  4. Let dry over night…

  5. Cut triangles by hand with painters tape and randomly installed on top of the stained box…

  6. I lightly painted over entire box with cream craft paint… After paint dried I removed all triangles…

  7. Stain remaining sides of box with Minwax furniture stain.

  8. The inside I stained with RIT Pearl Gray on lid and body in Minwax… Happy Fathers Day Jerry, hope you enjoy your own place to hide your remote…

How to dye wood eggs with RIT

How to dye wood eggs from

Michaels with RIT

Step By Step

  1. Wooden eggs from Michaels , Rit colors and small jelly jars are all you need to make these eggs with variation…

  2. I put a 1/2 inch of dye in each container

  3. dropped the eggs in each color…

  4. flipping them and turning them each with they sat in the sunny so Cal afternoon… Each one took their color so differently… Not completely dunked but dip dyed…

  5. when I liked the colors I pulled each one out and rubbed with a cotton towel… to get the color variation.

  6. Happy Easter! Rit thanks for making our table top décor bright and fun!

  7. Doing 6 of them in an ombre effect in pinks and purples are lovely!!!