How to make a remote control caddy with Michaels and RIT


Making your father’s day gift is easy and fun with Michael’s and RIT

Step By Step

  1. I picked up this raw, unfinished box from Michaels Crafts Store…. It was the perfect size and unique shape…

  2. I planed on using my favorite “Manly” Rit colors directly from the jar or bottle… *TIP* I store my unused rit in mason jars, easy to reheat and store with the extra water already mixed in!

  3. I “painted” on the rit in a zig zag pattern alternating the colors to get the effect I was looking for… it blended together with the grain of the wood perfectly!!!

  4. Let dry over night…

  5. Cut triangles by hand with painters tape and randomly installed on top of the stained box…

  6. I lightly painted over entire box with cream craft paint… After paint dried I removed all triangles…

  7. Stain remaining sides of box with Minwax furniture stain.

  8. The inside I stained with RIT Pearl Gray on lid and body in Minwax… Happy Fathers Day Jerry, hope you enjoy your own place to hide your remote…


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