How to dye wood eggs with RIT

How to dye wood eggs from

Michaels with RIT

Step By Step

  1. Wooden eggs from Michaels , Rit colors and small jelly jars are all you need to make these eggs with variation…

  2. I put a 1/2 inch of dye in each container

  3. dropped the eggs in each color…

  4. flipping them and turning them each with they sat in the sunny so Cal afternoon… Each one took their color so differently… Not completely dunked but dip dyed…

  5. when I liked the colors I pulled each one out and rubbed with a cotton towel… to get the color variation.

  6. Happy Easter! Rit thanks for making our table top d├ęcor bright and fun!

  7. Doing 6 of them in an ombre effect in pinks and purples are lovely!!!