No Sew Runner


Step By Step

  1. I used vintage linen fabric I picked up at a yard sale… I ripped it to be 14″ wide and used the length of the fabric. I love the ripped edge look … easy and a no sew option.

  2. First I wet the fabric in my kitchen sink. Wrapping sections with rubber bands to achieve the old school tie dye look that would work great for a 10 year old boys birthday party.

  3. Heated the dye on the stove … 4 caps full of dye to 4 cups of water. added the fabric and watched the magic happen!

  4. moving the fabric around so it all was saturated …

  5. watched the pretty steam… its the little things that get me excited.

  6. rotated the fabric

  7. aawweee sooooo pretty…. 10 min in lighter color…

  8. Took it out and rinsed…. I wanted to double dye it so that I can have darker rings and lighter rings…

  9. Added 4 more caps of RIT royal blue but kept same water amount… added more rubber bands and into the darer dye bath these babies went. 10 min in darker color…

  10. rinsed the final color …

  11. removed all the rubber bands and hung to dry

  12. After all the drying I ironed it and placed on the table at the birthday bash… Added the handmade touch to the party place… Happy 10th Birthday big boy!


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