Dye a babygrand Piano with RIT

Yes we did it!  We took an unwanted baby grand piano and gutted it!  Took it apart piece by piece…  It was  JOB!!!  Not a fun one but I had my eye on the prize.  A one of a kind piece that would stop passer byers in their tracks for the upcoming CHA trade show. 


When RIT hired me to do this I was SUPER excited…  The baby grad arrived and we were off and running.  The most difficult part was getting the harp out.  It is HEAVY!!!  We tried everything before we ended up using a 2 ton engine lift to separate the harp from the body.


Sanded , sanded, sanded and sanded this bad boy to get it down to raw wood so that it would take the RIT dye…  and boy did it ever.  I LOVE how it turned out.  79jsh20prx3y_pianocollage-800x800


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