How to make a ribbon belt

untitled (76)Making belts out of different widths of ribbon is an easy and quick  gift. Two lengths of 1 ½” ribbon (waist size plus 9”) Sew one end around 2 1-1/2″ D-Rings. Hem one end of the belt by folding it over twice approximately 1/2″ each time. Stitch across the hem to finish and you have it! You can even layer the ribbon to get different color combinations. Simple, quick and easy.


Happy 4th Birthday Happy Holden



You are 4 today!  I love how HAPPY you are little one…  Being the youngest of 5 means you are the baby!  Yes you will always be the baby, and I LOVE that.  Your determination and since of humor is something I look forward to everyday.  Thank you for being you Happy Holden!  Your smile brightens the room in everyway.  I LOVE you!