How to make a witch costume with RIT

untitled (77) Do you want to make your own Halloween costume this year???  I LOVE making (or adding to) my kids costumes for Halloween.  Using RIT  will make it easy, fun and affordable … Here is how…

Step By Step

  1. Did you know you could dye netting??? I did not but LOVE how it turned out! Different shades of purple make up the skirt…

  2. Heat up the dye bath on stove top to a boil… adding more dye and more water to get desired colors.

  3. The shades are a dream!!!! For skirt waist band I did my marble technique (see other How to of mine here)

  4. Dye a 100% cotton t-shirt with a lighter shade of purple (add water to dye to get desired color). Scrunch together and add rubber bands, soak in a dark dye bath. for 10 min

  5. dip dye in a stove top dye bath

  6. cut open the shirt, rinse and heat dry/ set in dryer.

  7. The netting is all around adorable!!!

  8. Add same fabric from waist band to a store bought witch hat.


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