Old Crayons New Life—- Recycled fun!

untitled (31) untitled (30) untitled (29) untitled (28)

Recycling your old or broken crayons into new and fun shapes can make everyone’s HOT summer day a bit more exciting! Here is how to do it!

  1. Unwrap all broken crayons
  2. Place unwrapped crayons into a plastic zip lock bag
  3. Hammer the pieces into chunks (the kids loved this part)
  4. Place pieces into desired combinations into mini muffin tins (here you can get creative by using different shapes, imagine stars, animals, numbers, letters etc.).
  5. Bake at 150degrees for 10 min (I used a toaster oven. A larger oven may take more time to melt crayon pieces).
  6. Take out the melted crayons from tin after all is cooled. You can even throw the entire thing into the freezer and they will just pop right out!

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