How to make a summer banner with RIT


Step By Step

  1. Take 100% cotton white fabric, get wet and soak in each color for the summer banner… Yellow

  2. Orange soaked in heated ball jar… love this technique…

  3. Darkest color last! Great tip…. colors will blend nicely.

  4. rinse and rinse… color set and heat set in the dryer.

  5. I used hemp cord and scissors… This could not be easier!

  6. Snip and Rip…. Have you tried this???? Snip 1/2″ 3″ apart….

  7. Then rip. Rip and rip!!! Make 3″ strips

  8. OK this is VERY important keep the strips in order of the color variation that you made using the RIT dye… So… snip, rip and place down. Then again and again and again. Placing each one in order. I used my bed so that no kiddos would mess with my mess! Cut strips in half … finished size of each strip is 16″ by 3″

  9. Tie the hemp cord to something (I used my bed post) and start your slip knots…. each. side by side by side….going in color order as well.

  10. The finished banner is so colorful, fun and pretty… Lemonade stand is getting ready!!!

  11. Summer 2013 here we come!!! LOVE the cart???  We make those too and are for sale in the shop!


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