Super Mom Halloween Costume

In our house Halloween is so much fun!  Designing, finding and making the costumes every year starts in August for us.  This year I decided to join in the fun and make myself a “Super Mom” costume.  With a little freezer paper, a cape and a trip to the dollar tree you too can be a super mom!

You will need:

For the shirt: Freezer paper, image, t-shirt, paint, paint brush and house hold iron.

Take your image and cut out the stencil you want.  I used kitchen bowls and cups to get perfect circles.  Iron down the shiny side onto your t-shirt.  Then fill in with paint the desired colors for the circles…  Let dry for a day.  Did exact same technique for the “M”.  Ironed over circles and filled in the M with black paint.  Let dry for a few hours.  Heat set all image with iron and you are ready to go!!!

For the apron: Over the door shoe organizer, sewing machine, decorative ribbon and all the fillings.

I took 1 over the door shoe organizer from the dollar tree cut it in half and sewed them together to make this apron.  Attached a decorative ribbon for the belt and away I went.  This costume in total cost me under $6.00.  In the pockets I filled with fun things like ear plugs, wooden spoon and a bar of soap(for the naughty little ones), children’s Nyquil, energy drink, pink scrubbing gloves etc.  You get the idea!  Happy Halloween from this Super Mom!!!


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