Halloween Party Table Decor

Happy Halloween Friends


Super Mom Halloween Costume

In our house Halloween is so much fun!  Designing, finding and making the costumes every year starts in August for us.  This year I decided to join in the fun and make myself a “Super Mom” costume.  With a little freezer paper, a cape and a trip to the dollar tree you too can be a super mom!

You will need:

For the shirt: Freezer paper, image, t-shirt, paint, paint brush and house hold iron.

Take your image and cut out the stencil you want.  I used kitchen bowls and cups to get perfect circles.  Iron down the shiny side onto your t-shirt.  Then fill in with paint the desired colors for the circles…  Let dry for a day.  Did exact same technique for the “M”.  Ironed over circles and filled in the M with black paint.  Let dry for a few hours.  Heat set all image with iron and you are ready to go!!!

For the apron: Over the door shoe organizer, sewing machine, decorative ribbon and all the fillings.

I took 1 over the door shoe organizer from the dollar tree cut it in half and sewed them together to make this apron.  Attached a decorative ribbon for the belt and away I went.  This costume in total cost me under $6.00.  In the pockets I filled with fun things like ear plugs, wooden spoon and a bar of soap(for the naughty little ones), children’s Nyquil, energy drink, pink scrubbing gloves etc.  You get the idea!  Happy Halloween from this Super Mom!!!

How to make a modern baby (or big kid) quilt – DIY


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This modern baby quilt was made for Holden before his arrival.  I have finally finished a tutorial on it so here you go…

I started with 11 different fabrics in bright and fun colors and scales.  Cutting them into 2.5”, 3.5” and 5.5” wide strips.  Random is the key to this quilt.  No order, no direction, no wrong way!

Sew together

Cut into 6” wide panels. Flip, sew, flip sew…

Cut 6” sashing from another fabric

Quilt as desired.  I had it quilted f a local quilt shop with using variegated thread and an adorable star pattern.

Bind your quilt with yet another fabric!