DIY Nursing Apron


Materials needed: 2 yards of decorative patterned fabric (one on each side) I made this one reversible.  17” of boning.  ¼ yard of 3rd decorative fabric (for strap).  2 silver “D” rings for strap.

I simply sewed the right sides together like you would if making a pillowcase.  Leaving an opening, I pulled through the fabric.  Ironed and sewed around the entire rectangle again.  Cut the fabric for the strap 4” wide and sewed the right sides together again.  Pulled the fabric so it was correct, ironed and re-sewed the edges (just like above just a different shape).  Cutting 3” off one side for the “D” rings I used the remainder for the other side of the strap.  This made it adjustable.   I then folded down the entire top of the apron 1” and put in the boning.  I added the boning so that when I am wearing it and nursing I can see the little guy but no one else will.  Finishing the edges of the straps I simply turned them into a point and sewed them to the apron.

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