Birthday Cards

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For birthday cards I have been caring on this tradition of pre making large, laminated, bound cards that the guests at the party can all sign.  This is a fun way to get all of your family and friends to sign one card and you can discard (or re-use like I do) all of the birthday cards when you are ready!  I make a 2-page 12×12 card with miscellaneous photos from the year along with patterned paper (scraps) and solid cardstock.  I always include how old they are turning and get it laminated and bound before the party even starts.  I then tie a permanent pen to the corner and pass it along at the party.   You can even make it and leave it by your front door for the month so when you get any guests for the month of the birthday kiddo you will have all of there wishes.  My kid’s love looking at the previous years and our friends and family even look forward to signing them every year.  I started this tradition at there 1st birthday for each child… I will have quite a collection I am sure