Vintage Mantel Piece By Foo Foo La La


This mantel piece is the bit of fun every room needs.  Painted Pink with a hit of turquoise distressed around the opening.  One on a kind, Vintage Clock mantel turned into a frame.  You could add a mirror; I put Ella’s art.  No glass front. 


11 ¾” wide (at widest point) by 14 ½” tall by 4” deep. 


 These are vintage items. They are beautiful in their imperfections.  Please see my other listings for more Foo Foo La La




DIY Party Hat




I made these hats for little Ella’s 5th birthday tea party. These party hats can be as sophisticated or as silly as you like, depending on the colors and patterns of paper you use. Whatever occasion your hats are destined for, sturdy ribbon chin ties will keep them in place until the fun is over.

Tools and Materials Decorative paper Sheets of double-sided adhesive and liquid glue Pencil

Party Hat pattern Scissors Hole Punch

Boa feathers

How to make it:

Note: Finished cut-out size is roughly 12″ tip to tip and 7″ tall.

  1. Print out the pattern or eyeball it like I did!
  2. Trace the pattern on decorative paper, flip the hat over on the fold line and trace the rest of the hat. (The full pattern will fit on one 12×12 piece of paper.)
  3. Cut out the hat.
  4. Curve your hat into a cone shape. Tape closed.
  5. Punch 2 holes to the side of the hat.
  6. Adhere hole punch protectors on inside
  7. attach ribbon to each side
  8. Glued boa feathers to top of each hat.