DIY Paci Holders

Check! One more thing off my list. I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Good thing being that I am about to POP soon. I made these easy paci holders very quickly, here is how…

untitled (49) untitled (48) untitled (47)

 Materials Needed

7 ½” ribbon

Paci Clips (I found my on ebay)


4 part Snaps

Crop a dile

I have found that the crop a dile is a very useful tool for this project! I made 20 of them in a very short time. Using all of my left over ribbon I did not even need to break out my sewing machine. Easily placing the ribbon thru the clip and using the eyelet to attach together permanently. With the other end I folded it up 1 inch and attached the 4 part snap (don’t let this intimidate you directions on package of snaps). And I was done! Attaching the paci is temporary and easy to remover for cleaning or changing of size. This length seamed good to me being that too long would get dirty fast if dropped ( and chocking hazard if it could wrap around neck) and too small would be very annoying to Mom!


Ok off to my next project… boredom busters for the older kids… I need to make them some new things for present from the new baby. I plan on bring this to the hospital for the kiddos to get and play with in my room.


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