Headboard for Special Spaces

IMG_0840 IMG_0843 IMG_0847 IMG_0851 IMG_0857 IMG_0858 IMG_0862 IMG_0865 IMG_0864 IMG_0884 IMG_0889Our family was all in for the making of a headboard for a little guy with a medically fragile condition.  We made it together as a family and prayed for the comfort of this little guy as he gets a room makeover.  We donated a headboard that will fit his medical bed as well as a hinged piece to fit the access of the electrical outlets needed for everyday use.  We feel truly blessed to have gotten this call and were able to help!  We can’t wait to help again…

IMG_0868 IMG_0873


Special Spaces Called

icm_fullxfull.46676979_5ucq7km2dyo8o0osoko0I am so excited to share with you the news we received a few weeks back…  A wonderful organization Special Spaces contacted us at Foo Foo La La and wondered if we could help.

Special Spaces Mission statement is:

Our mission is simple but zealous…

We create dream bedrooms for children with life-threatening medical illnesses. This is a place that only the child can dream or imagine while addressing their medical needs. Our focus is answering one question; Where does a child go when battling a serious illness to find peace and comfort?

Special Spaces was founded in July 2004 on the precedent that children battling life-threatening illnesses need their own special space. This is a place of hope and inspiration, and a special space to find peace and comfort.

As of today, Special Spaces has created hundreds of bedrooms across the country. It is the vision of our organization to have a Special Spaces Director everywhere there is a child in need.

Of course Foo Foo La La jumped on this amazing opportunity to give back…  and help a child with a life threatening medical illness.  I chatted with my 5 kiddos about how exciting this is for our entire family and how the children will help Jerry and I build for this little guy.  I will be documenting our exciting adventure here.  Please keep children in need in your thought and prayers tonight…

How to make dip dyed ruffled streamers

How to dip dye party streamers with RIT dye is not only fun, easy but super affordable too!   ruffledstreamer a7b493b02ac813251108fa084bedd1f6

I found bright white streamers at the 99 cent store but knew I wanted color for little Ella’s 12th birthday surprise party…. of course I just planed to dye them!  I honestly was a bit scared but it was so easy and cheep I went for it!!!


I put 50% water to50% RIT in a small plastic container and just set the white streamers directly in…  This made the stripes!  To do the solid colors I simply added to a larger container.


Let them air dry outside for several hours.  They started to “ruffle” on their own a bit…


Took 2 or 3 different ones and sewed down the edges to make the ruffled effect I pushed the streamers aggressively under the foot to gather for me…


IMG_9008 Partydetails

Surprise party was a huge hit.  She adored the handmade details …  Happy Happy Birthday Little Ella

Large Brass Stiffel Lamps, Pair Vintage Chic By Foo Foo La La

Large Brass Stiffel Lamps, Pair Vintage Chic By Foo Foo La La

Large Pair of stately brass urn-shaped Stiffel table lamps with acanthus design. Wired and in working condition. Perfect for your buffet, master bedroom or guest room. Statement pieces.

Lamps are 28″H to top of sockets, 30″H to top of finials.

Maker’s stamp on sockets.

Lamp Shades included and measures: 15.5″ H by 14.5″ W

Antique Brass finish with cream lamp shades.